Why Yoga?

The healing of trauma is a natural process that can be accessed through an inner awareness of the body

~ Peter A. Levine

The proven benefits of yoga transcend the common belief that it is just for stretching and relaxation. Yoga is also about knowing yourself on a deeper level, as well as contemplation, concentration, meditation and purification. Through yoga we can remove energetic blocks, re-train our mind and heal the body.

Yoga is a spiritual practise and the benefits can be found on a spiritual as well as a physical and mental level. Through yoga we can feel safe (again) within the body and from this state of being healing can take place. By staying present and aware the conscious mind can transform unconscious wounds and traumatic symptoms.

Yoga literally means union, or balance. Its aim is to assist people in finding balance between the conscious and unconscious mind. From this safe place we can find peace, wellbeing and happiness from within. Yoga also helps to reach the subconscious mind or intuition. In this way we can start to consciously create our own reality, instead of staying stuck in unconscious negative cycles.

Heavy emotions and pain are not just stored in the mind as memories, but also in the body through our nervous system. Yoga promotes body-awareness and restores the connection and balance between body, mind and soul. In this regard yoga is the best way to heal unconscious blocks and overcome them once and for all.

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